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Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Welcome to Crystal the Pet Nanny - I'm so happy to have you here!

I have a confession. When I started looking into creating my own site...wait - back up...acknowledgement time. For the past several years my website has been hosted by (and was created by) my client-turned-friend-turned-family, Rob Basil. I so appreciate all the work he did for me and the site he created for me, absolutely free of charge. Rob, you're the best!

The problem when someone else - regardless of their expertise in technology - creates and maintains your site is that it makes edits difficult (or as in my uneducated case, impossible!) so as things change you are unable to change them yourself on your website and making any changes requires a pow-wow, followed by extra work for the person doing the maintenance (I am not about creating extra work for anyone who is doing a great service for me!).

Let me clarify what I mean by providing an example. My original website claims that I am a veterinary employee, working for a veterinary ophthalmology specialty practice. When I wrote that biographical information and when Rob put it on my website for me it was indeed true information. In August of 2016 (Wow! Has it really been that long?!?) I made the decision - took a leap of faith - to part ways with my "regular job" so that I could concentrate more fully on being Crystal the Pet Nanny. Working in an industry like the veterinary industry requires a person to show up every day during prescribed hours, regardless of whether or not a dog needs to get out of the house for a walk or a cat is sniffing at an empty food bowl and looking for a human to fill it and then offer a scratch behind the ears.

In the back of my mind I kept thinking about my clients and their pets, knowing I could give them more - be more available to them - if I did not have an inflexible schedule. What's more, I could accept more mid-day jobs - something that a regular full-time job rendered impossible.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I quit working in that industry in August 2016. Now it is March 2018 and as of this writing, as my revised (New and Improved?) website is not yet live, my original website is still lying to the public because I didn't have access to make any changes to it.

Again, I love you and appreciate you Rob, for creating and hosting my site for all this time. Now it's time to put on my big-girl pants and dip my toe into uncharted waters (how's THAT for a mixed metaphor? I'm making up the rules as I go, folks!). It's time to host my own site and risk sometimes falling on my face and looking like an idiot as I learn it.

Now that acknowledgement and explanation are past me, back to my original point: confession. When I started looking into the creation of my site - using a template provided by the web hosting company (insert shameless plug), one of the pages in the template was a page devoted to "BLOG". My confession is that the word "BLOG" at the top of the page felt a bit daunting to me at first - and I toyed with the idea of leaving that page out altogether, rather than committing now to something with which I might not feel able to follow through. The truth is that I already feel that I have more on my plate than I can eat in this lifetime - why should I order dessert on top of it?

But then I realized that this is my site. I make up the rules. I have creative control. I'm not bound by the word "BLOG" at the top of the page. If it becomes too big a drain on my time resources there is no gun to my head that threatens me and forces me to write regularly, or even to keep the page marked "BLOG". Keeping it is an opportunity for me though. It will be there for me when I need it - like an old friend (even though it is new)...when I want to give an update on Nanny activities, when I have an animal-related rant to share, when I want to provide an explanation or an opinion. A blog (notice the lower-case letters - not an accident!) doesn't have to be a big, scary obligation. It can be a friend.

My apologies to any of you out there who may be looking for more of a writing commitment from me. I don't know what the future holds for this page of my site...or ANY of my pages, for that matter. It's a journey. You are welcome to tag along if you'd like to, but I've gotta call the shots. Thanks for visiting. Let's embark. As I tell the pets in my care when I'm walking out the door: "Be good humans (sub in "canines" or "felines" or "birdies", etc.). Nanny loves you."

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