References & Reviews

"BEST cat nanny ever! My babies barely noticed I was gone being in such great care. The videos and communication made it easier for me to be away. Thank you Crystal, you are THE BEST! 💚👍🏼😊"

Robin M.

"Crystal is AMAZING! We have a diabetic cat who needs his blood sugar levels checked and insulin shots twice a day. Crystal had no problems taking care of him for the 3 days we were gone and her and Tony got along great. I would HIGHLY recommend Crystal to anyone looking for a nanny for their pet(s).


We like Crystal so much we are going to have her stop by every two weeks to test Tony’s blood sugar levels and give him his insulin shot (even if we don’t need her to) so they can remain friends.

Don’t think. Just hire Crystal now. No need to look at anyone else."

Theresa B.

"Crystal is wonderful. A great professional and a good friend to our dogs."

Lynne & Joe R.

"Extra special care was greatly appreciated, especially all the photos and videos!!!! Thank you for caring so much!!!"

Lisa & Tony L.

"Crystal is an awesome cat sitter, she charmed my shy girl right away. My cats are happy when I come home from a trip rather than mad at me as they have been with other pet sitters. Crystal really takes the time to truly care for my two older cats, and keeps me updated with Facebook too. We love Crystal the Pet Nanny!"

Tami W.

"Awww, thx for the pics. They love The Nanny!!"

Nicole W.


Steve & Stacey C.

"Crystal has worked for me twice as a pet sitter and both times has done an outstanding job. She’s kind and gentle with the animals (2 dogs, 1 cat and a desert tortoise). They took to her immediately, even our skittish rescue dog. The last time we were gone, we had a very damaging monsoon storm. Crystal went “above and beyond” the call of duty – taking pics of the damage to our house, notifying me of the problems, and calming our terrified animals. I would recommend her highly!"

Joan T.

"Trustworthiness, Kindness"

Lisa & Tony L.

"If you live in the Phoenix area and ever need a pet sitter both Theresa and I highly recommend Crystal the Pet Nanny. Our boy Tony cat has diabetes and needs his blood sugar levels checked and insulin shots twice a day. After two years we can finally take a vacation! Crystal rocks, our Tony boy loves her. Thanks Crystal! Very affordable and very good with our little boy…best nanny ever!” also: “Crystal has become a part of our family. She is amazing!"

Robert B.

"Crystal is a treasure for us and our two Labs"

Joe & Lynne R.

"Stella loves her Nanny!"

Candy G.

"Crystal has been our cat’s nanny for the past three years. She has really become a part of the family. We had a diabetic animal that needed additional care. Crystal learned how we tested blood sugar, what dosage of insulin to give and above and beyond that, she loved our little Tony. Our Tony cat passed this past week and Crystal was there for us as a family. If you have pets, no matter their needs, are looking for someone who will love them as their own…well this is your girl. We are so happy to have Crystal in our lives based off our mutual love for animals. There will be no one else for us on any future pets!"

Theresa & Robert B.

"Crystal the Pet Nanny is wonderful! She is friendly, likable and very responsible.

We had to go out of town to take our daughter to college. We had Crystal come to watch our four dogs. At that time it was two Cavalier Spaniels and two Golden Retrievers. Did I mention one of the Golden Retrievers was a rambunctious puppy? Crystal handled the job beautifully. All four of our dogs got so much attention, and fed and played with and eyedrops for the older Golden. Our dogs were in excellent hands. 

Crystal has watched our dogs whenever we go out of town. We also get to see them on Social Media so they never feel so far away. She is a very gifted photographer!"

Jill & Mike N.